Horror Trilogy (SNX003​.​1)

by Crude Caress

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released July 2, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered in spring 2015 by David Langhard at Dala Studios Winterthur
All songs written by Crude Caress
All lyrics written by Mark the Dark, except "Werewolf, Baby!": written by Cockette and Mark the Dark
Artwork by Raphael Krempus



all rights reserved


Crude Caress Winterthur, Switzerland

Üse - Guitar, Vox
C-Mon - Bass, Vox
Mark the Dark- Drums, Vox

Crude Caress from Winterthur (Switzerland) play punk with passion. No fancy rubbish, just raw and honest.

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Track Name: Zombie
Zombie (Dubacher)

lurking in the dark
shambling through the park
blood drips - from my fingertips

tasty human flesh
eat it while it’s fresh
gnarling teeth - cracking knees

no hell can hold me
I’m walking as a zombie
no hell can hold me
zombification - in a zombie nation

go for the brain
blood runs down the drain
tear apart - your throbbing heart

luring out the breathers
devouring non-believers
no mercy at all - bring mankind to fall

no hell can hold me…
Track Name: Scary Mummy
Scary Mummy (Dubacher)

reviving from my tomb
spreading all the fear
live my life in gloom
terror everywhere

all that you can see
is bondage around me
bondage round my tummy
I’m a scary mummy

I will hunt you down
if you disturb my peace
I curse everyone
nevermore at ease

all that you can see…

even if my brain
is resting in a jar
will I reign again
kingdoms near and far

all that you can see…
Track Name: Werewolf, Baby!
Werewolf, Baby! (Dubacher, Lattmann)

my blood is boiling
my spine is coiling
it tears my soul apart
my mind is tripping
my flesh is ripping
the full moon does its part

werewolf, baby! I don’t want to fight it
werewolf, baby! and I can’t hide it
werewolf, baby! I don’t want to fight it
and I can’t hide it

I’m a strange one
when the night comes
a lonely hunter in the dark
I go out to play
and you will be my prey
I will sign you with my mark

werewolf, baby…

I long for thrills
with my cunning skills
every time the sun is dying
get out of my way
there’s no need to pray
my life’s electrifying

werewolf, baby…

I’m a midnight freak, yeah
I’m a midnight creep
and I will bite!